What doctors think about beREADY test?

Dr. Eero Varila

Dextra clinic in Helsinki

Soon, beREADY personalized testing will be a part of basic procedure for the majority of IVF patients.

Excemed seminar in Tallinn, October 20 2019

Prof. Konstantin Boyarskiy

Centre of Human Reproduction GENESIS

Personalised embryo transfer will be the standard for IVF treatment in the 21st century because every loss of a high-quality embryo is a tragedy for the patient.

Endometrial receptivity seminar in Tallinn, September 20 2019

Dr. Tiina Loog

East Tallinn Central Hospital

It is great that personalised approach is improving the quality of infertility treatment. In our study, we included patients that had failed to become pregnant after multiple attempts of embryo transplantation, but after the test (beREADY), they succeeded. So far we have transplanted embryos to five women that participated in the study. Three of them are pregnant now!

Dr. Katrin Kask

West Tallinn Central Hospital

The genetic testing that personalised medicine allows, gives the doctor important information that can be used for creating a specific treatment plan that suits each patient best. This is a trend in personalised medicine that we are implementing step by step also in infertility treatment.