Who we are

Our Mission is to bring precision- and personalised medicine to every IFV patient. We see ourselves as the most innovative research-based laboratory that contributes to patients’ well-being in partnership with IVF clinics worldwide. 

We value continuous research for improving the existing personalised medicine tests and finding better solutions.

Kaarel Krjutškov



Scientist and inventor in the field of molecular engineering. Kaarel has a PhD from the University of Tartu in molecular diagnostics and has worked at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the University of Helsinki in Finland. He is the manager of the Precision Medicine Laboratory as a whole.

Merli Saare

PhD Laboratory Manager


Merli has extensive research background in reproductive biology in clinics and laboratories. She has a PhD from the University of Tartu in Medical Faculty and has practiced in Karolinska Institutet. Merli is responsible for the processing and reporting the results of beREADY analysis. She is the key contact of our partner clinics.  

Neeme Tõnisson

M.D., PhD Med Lab Doctor


Neeme is a medical doctor and scientist, who is specialised in laboratory medicine and medical genetics. He has worked at Deutsches Krebsforschngszentrum (DKFZ), Germany. Currently, he is working in the Department of Genetics at United Laboratories of Tartu University Hospital as a clinical geneticist. Neeme is the Med Lab Doctor in CCHT.

Andres Salumets

PhD Member of Board


Andres is a professor in reproductive medicine and has a PhD from the University of Helsinki. Currently, he is working at the University of Tartu, heading the team in CCHT and he is a visiting professor at the University of Helsinki. Andres is an active scientist, has published more than 130 scientific articles. Professor Salumets is one of the leading scientists in reproductive medicine in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

Short history

beREADY test was developed by the Competence Centre on Health Technologies Ltd (CCHT), a company founded in 2009 by Prof Salumets, who is one of the leading scientists in reproductive medicine in the Baltics and Scandinavia. The CCHT is owned by University of Tartu, multiple clinics and private companies, with an aim to fulfill the gap between research laboratories’ capabilities and clinical needs.

The team is based on research carried out over the past 20 years in University of Tartu by various research teams under the supervision of Prof. Andres Salumets.

Throughout the years, clinical practice has clearly indicated that infertility is caused by seemingly unexplained reasons in many IVF cases. When examining couples, who’s infertility is unexplained, it is striking that at a molecular level they are no different from fertile couples. This lead to a conclusion that personalised medicine could be the key for successful IVF treatment.


The team 

The beREADY team is a core of CCHT and consists of eminent researchers in their field – four members with a PhD and a doctor of medicine (MD). In total, the team has published over 230 scientific articles and have applied for multiple international patents. In order to keep the team members’ knowledge up-to-date, they have active research connections and academic positions in University of Tartu, University of Helsinki and in Karolinska Institutet. The team members have successfully established IVF clinics and have been nominated for “Innovation of the Year” in Swedish business awards in 2016.


The CCHT Laboratory

The CCHT collaborates with several leading universities in medicine, molecular biology and genetics such as the Karolinska Institutet, Helsinki University, Leuven University, Oulu University, Granada University and others. The research conducted by CCHT is international and multidisciplinary including highly ranked universities, private companies and a prestigious grant EU Horizon2020 with acronyms like NOTED, SARM, WIDENLIFE, HUTER and MATER.

CCHT aims to investigate, develop and promote genetic testing assays in the filed of assisted reproductive biology as well as in all obstetrical and gynecological clinics.

The laboratory also provides other advanced genetic testing services such as non-invasive prenatal genetic testing (NIPT) and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). Our NIPT, branded as NIPTIFY is reimbursed by Estonia social security fund since January 2020. NIPTIFY test is a market leader NIPT in Estonia, having the best quality-price ratio!

CCHT is an approved service provider by an Estonian Health Board with a licence number L04715.

Although beREADY test is available for clinical use, we are always continuing our research in the areas of clinical studies and novel biomarker validations. All of our research concerning beREADY is conducted in partnership with Granada University (Spain), Dextra IVF clinic (Finland) and West-Tallinn Central hospital. The synergy between motivated doctors and a skilled molecular engineering team allows us to continue bringing innovation to the field of personalised medicine.

The research behind beREADY test

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